Frequent Questions

Where are my download Template Files located?

All Scheduling Templates are located in a folder named _Templates. The _Templates folder is located in a folder named Construction Scheduling or in a different folder destination if you changed the default location during installation. Locate and Open Your Scheduling Template Click on the Desktop Icon named Construction Scheduling, or; Browse to your Documents Folder […]

What Scheduling Templates do you recommend?

Choosing the right scheduling template for the purpose your are scheduling for will save allot of time now and in the future. Every project is different and your level of detail may have different requirements depending on the nature of the project and whom will be using it. We provide Pre-Linked and Unlinked Residential, Commercial […]

How do I know which version of MS Project I have?

For Project Versions 98 through Project 2007, click the Help menu, and then click About Microsoft Office Project. For Project Version 2010, click the File tab, then click Help.

How do I Upgrade a Membership?

If you have a Monthly Training and Support Membership and would like to Upgrade to an Annual Training and Support Membership you can simply purchase the Annual Membership and your account will be upgraded automatically. You will receive an email notification of the upgrade and you will see the new account expiration date in your […]

What Microsoft Project Versions are your Templates?

All of our Templates, Guides, Support and Training are based upon using Microsoft Project 2000 through 2010 (Standard or Professional Version) as your core Scheduling Software. All of our Template Features and Functionality will work with either the Standard or Professional version. When you download a Microsoft Project Scheduling Template you will get 3 separate […]

What are the other Scheduling Folders for?

In order to keep organization and structure to your scheduling files we recommend that you use the folder and file structure as laid out in this section. The folder structure is already established with our installer when you download any templates from our site. Whether you are working on a Single PC or on a […]

Should I upgrade to Microsoft Project 2010?

All of our Templates, Products, Support & Training are based upon using Microsoft Project Versions 2000 through 2010. All Template Features and Functionality will work with each version. Unless you have special needs for the new Toolbar Ribbon and additional features available with Microsoft Project 2010, using Microsoft Project 2003 or 2007 will be fine. […]

Do I need the Standard or Pro Version of MS Project?

Microsoft Project Standard and Professional Versions are the same with the exception that the Professional Version requires Microsoft Project Server to allow a Multi User Network Environment. With Microsoft Project Server the cost will nearly double. Microsoft Project Standard is sufficient for most all cases. You can also still find great deals and use Microsoft […]

How can Scheduling Increase Profits?

Profits are the bottom line. The main goal is to try to increase profits and decrease costs. This goal requires that we manage time instead of time managing us. Our main objective to help you organize and make the best use of time through effective scheduling. Scheduling is much more than tracking time although most […]

How often should a Schedule be Updated?

In order for the schedule to drive the project, it should be updated regularly. When a project is active the schedule should be updated weekly. If there is not much activity, the schedule can be updated bi-weekly. In order to maintain control, attention and the support of all associated team members, the schedule should serve […]

What is your Refund Policy?

Due to the intangible nature of Digital Products, Files and Subscription Services we are unable to issue refunds. We have made our best effort to give you full details, samples and demos of each Product, Template and Membership Subscription that we offer. If you have any questions about a particular Product, Template and/or Membership Subscription, […]

How do I Cancel a Membership?

If are considering Canceling or would like to Cancel your Training & Support Membership please click on the following: