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UPDATES & CHANGES as of JUNE 1, 2021

June 1, 2021

We have completely renovated our site with Major Changes and an enhanced User Experience. These changes will affect anyone who purchased anything from our site before June 1, 2021. is a complete resource to help you successfully schedule and control your construction projects. It is our 20th Anniversary of!! We first launched back in 2001. We are excited to share many technological advances over the years, and we have been working very hard on advancing the quality and user experience on our site. 

Following are the changes and updates;

    • You now have to create an account for the site to purchase any Construction Scheduling Templates or Support Options. A Site Account will provide you the ability to;
        • View All Purchase History and View & Re-Download Files at any time on the My Account page by logging in with a Username and Password.
        • If you purchased the Quick Schedule Guide V3, you would directly access the Quick Guide from the My Account page.
    • The Quick Schedule Guide V3 has been moved to our site to give you the ability to control your Login Details with your Username & Password.
    • There is now an Option to Add Support for the Quick Guide. With the Quick Schedule Guide Support Option, you can Submit Support Tickets directly from the Guide while scheduling and using the Quick Guide on the same window screen. You can also attach scheduling or other files and screenshots with your Support Ticket. Our Support is fast and complete.
    • The Quick Schedule Guide V3 is currently being updated over the next few months. It will include Updates and Additional Features. Each Summary Topic will include the last modified date below each Topic.
    • All Download Templates and Files are now .ZIP files. Due to enhanced internet security, we are no longer using .EXE files.
    • All Construction Scheduling Templates have been Updated for 2022. As always, you can Re-Download any purchased files in the current version For Free.
    • All Construction Scheduling Templates are now formatted with an additional CSI Division 1-16 field. All of the Construction Scheduling Templates also include the CSI Master Format Coding. If you are using the older CSI Division Coding, you will now be able to View, Filter, and Sort by CSI Division 1-16.
    • We have added the following Construction Scheduling Templates:
        • Residential MULTI-STORY Template
        • Commercial MULTI-STORY Template
        • CSI Division 1-16 Template
        • NOTE:  If you have previously purchased any Template Packages, you can download the new Scheduling Templates Packages to include the added Templates for Free.
    • We have a new Cart and Checkout system. A Cart & Checkout Link at the top right of the browser will show the current total and specific items in the cart.
    • We have added a wholly updated 'What's New' section on the site that will have All Current Articles, News, Notices & Updates so you can always see current information.  What's New? can be accessed from the top navigation link on every page. Please check this section out every time you visit our site.

There are a lot of upgrades and changes that will enhance your User Experience. We are continually developing new and better ways to use Construction Scheduling to streamline your construction projects and increase your profit potential.

If you are a previous customer, click here to set up an account so that we may migrate all of your previous purchases to the new site to access and download your files and access the Quick Schedule Guide.

Please contact us with any questions or comments.

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