Scheduling Benefits

Make your schedules work for you and give you the information you need! Without effective scheduling you are destined to reacting and working too hard.

Scheduling can provide the insight and accountability necessary to avoid the problems that every project will inherit. Effective Scheduling will also help control costs.

You can use our Scheduling Templates, Systems, Guides, Support & Training as powerful tools to provide the insight, attention and accountability needed at any level for a single project or across all of your projects.

Using Templates
Templates provide the foundation for your schedules, save input time and give you the ability to filter, view and report on a single project or across all your projects.

Scheduling Multiple Projects
By combining your projects into a ‘Master’ project, you can gain insight into planning, purchasing and management across all of your projects – very powerful!

Pre-Construction Scheduling
Pre-Construction Scheduling is critical to setting up a project for success. Without scheduling this critical phase, the project may be set up for failure and you may not know it.

Using CSI Coding
CSI Coding provides a numbering structure related to your tasks and allows you to filter, view and report on the particular code item or groups of code items.

Purchasing Power
You can use your schedules to increase your purchasing power for subcontractors, materials and lead time order items with the ability to forecast ahead.

Adjusting Profit Margins
With the ability to look ahead and view your workload you can increase your profit margins when you are busy and tighten your margins when you need work.

Fast Track Scheduling
With effective scheduling and communication you can decrease the time frames to complete your projects. Things happen as you determine instead of in their own time.

Using Views
You can use views for different purposes. A Summary View allow you to see the overall structure of the project and a Cascading View will show the tasks flowing by start date.

Using Filters
Filters are one of the most powerful features you can use in scheduling. You can apply a filter to see just the information you need to see for a single project or across all of your projects.

Schedule Updating
You can effectively update your schedules in minutes if they are structured properly. This allows you to use your schedule to drive the project instead it driving you.

Using A Schedule Of Values
You can use a Schedule of Values for billing purposes and to gain attention from the team members on your projects. This can prevent over billing and overpayment to contractors.

Cash Flow
Do you know your Cash Flow? It is directly related to the % of work complete. You can accurately know your cash for a single project or across all of your projects.

Creating Accountability
Accountability is critical to the performance of the people and groups on your projects. An effective schedule is your most powerful means to forcing action and accountability.

Communication Systems
Communication is everything! Scheduling, if effectively used, has all of the potential power to control your projects and aid in planning your business operations at any level.

Fixed Duration Scheduling
Fixed Duration scheduling allows you to control time and allow any team member to manage their own manpower and resources required to complete your schedule on time.

Coordinating Schedules With Specifications
Using a schedule with task items and coding that matches your contract specifications creates more attention, action and accountability to your schedules.

Managing Your Workload
With the ability to look ahead, you can make intelligent decisions on whether to hire additional resources or subcontract work and know what type of work to go after.

Managing Resources
You can manage YOUR resources easily and effectively for a single project or across all of your projects. You are not responsible for managing other companies’ resources.

Tracking Equipment
You can know and track your equipment usage at any time in the future and make decisions on whether to subcontract work, buy, lease or rent equipment.

Weekly or Regular Meetings
Weekly or regular meetings forces attention to your schedule. Using a schedule as a main agenda item at regular meetings will force action and production.

Using Checklists
Using checklists are very effective to ensure that you are using all of the steps and information that is required to structure and maintain a project.

Centralized Scheduling
Provides the insurance that schedules are prepared and updated by the people who have the experience and ability to structure, format and convey project information correctly.

Create As Built Schedules
‘As Built’ schedules provide an accurate picture of what happened and when on a project. This will add the power and attention needed to control time and the project.

Create Your Own Templates
You can use any of our Scheduling Templates as a foundation and structure to create your own. Using your particular scheduling templates will save time in future scheduling.

Create To Do Lists
Creating ‘To Do’ lists are invaluable for viewing and conveying specific responsibilities for any task or resource or combinations of them.

Establish A Scheduling And Reporting System
Scheduling in itself is very powerful, but if it is not integrated into a useful system that everyone uses and follows, the potential power will be lost.

Controlling Delivery Schedules
Using filters, views and reports, you can control delivery schedules for materials for individual projects or across all of your projects.

Subcontractor Scheduling
Subcontractor scheduling is critical to the overall performance on a project and have all of the basic responsibilities that the General Contractor, Construction Manager or other has.

Using Schedules To Manage A Group Or Process
Schedules can be used to manage any type of group or a process. Microsoft Project provides the ability and power to schedule and manage anything that relates to time.

Using Schedules To Manage Your Operations
Scheduling can help control your business planning and operations for a single project or for groups of projects with insight that is not available without your schedule.

Using A Communication Flow Chart
A schedule is a great tool. To make it effective, you need to provide a clear path and system of communication so there are no questions on who is suppose to communicate to who.

Scheduling Specifications
Using a scheduling specification will add the necessary action and responsibility to furnish schedules in a format that you need and require to control the construction process.

Attaching Schedules To Contracts
Attaching schedules to your contracts will provide a common plan and an expected performance to your projects. It will also increase attention and liability to the project.

Sharing & Integrating Schedules
Using our Scheduling Templates will allow you share and integrate your project schedules with anyone using same scheduling structure without additional input.

Developing A Scheduling Mindset
A scheduling mindset is the most important part in originating and maintaining a schedule. It is the view upon the way things should be completed and the attention that is required to maintain a schedule.

Using Adobe Acrobat
Using Adobe Acrobat is an invaluable tool to add to your communication ability to reach anyone with a computer regardless of their operating systems or software versions.

Using Reports
Using reports can provide the exact information that is required by the people that need to see them. You are actually narrowing down information into a format that is useful for a specific purpose.

Custom Solutions
We can provide insight into problems and solutions that you may not be aware of as well as save you a lot of time. There is always of doing things better and faster.

Team Websites
Team Websites provide a single point of communication where all team members can view and participate in the project right from their browser – very powerful!

Using Incentives
Incentives are a great way to insure that your projects get the attention and production they need. Without them, your team members will focus on other priorities.

Your schedules can provide any information that you need in order to take control of your projects. Our Scheduling Templates, Support & Training give you the tools to use this power at any level required!

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