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Everyone needs to have basic tools to work with in order to make work and life easier. Templates are your framework to help you save time, guide you’re planning and also to serve as a checklist to ensure that you use and do not miss any required steps to get the job done.

In construction we deal with similar tasks, resources and information across all of the projects that we work on. All of our templates are customized so that you can see and communicate just the information that you and your team members want and need to see.

All new project files should be created through the use of templates. Using templates for the creation of your project files will add consistency, save a tremendous amount of time and will serve as a foundation of a system that will provide the potential power to gain insight and the ability to control all of your projects.

All Scheduling Templates work with Microsoft Project Versions 2000 through Version 2010 and will work the same for either the Standard or Professional Versions.

All Construction Scheduling Templates are Optimized as follows:

Pre-Formatted Task Lists
Each template file includes a pre-formatted task list for the particular project type. The tasks are organized in accordance with the Construction Specifications Institute coding structure. You can add, edit and delete tasks as required. New templates are added regularly.

Pre-Construction Checklists
Each template file has a Pre-Construction summary task with a typical pre-construction task listing for each particular type of project. You can add, edit or delete tasks and necessary for your particular project needs.

Pre-Linked Templates
A represents a pre-linked template with assumed durations. These pre-linked files will save you time with standard linking for particular project types. You can add, edit, delete or unlink any task items and modify the task durations as needed. By changing the start date for the project or critical task, the entire schedule will move accordingly.

CSI Task Coding
All tasks are pre-coded with CSI Task Coding in accordance with the ‘Master Format 2011 Update’. Using CSI coding you can filter, view, and sort by a CSI code or any combination of them. You can also create your own codes in other available fields.

CSI Division Coding
All summary division tasks are pre-coded with CSI Division Coding in accordance with the ‘Master Format 2011 Update’. You can filter, view and sort by CSI code # to display groups of work or items by CSI Division # 1-48 or for combinations of them.

Custom Filters
Each template and file is customized with filters for Tasks, CSI Codes, Typical Resources, Groups & Trades within the construction industry. Each filter has two types of filters set up for each: A standard filter that filters out all completed tasks or work and a Date Range filter that allows you to filter for each type in a Date Range that you specify.

Customized Fields
Each template has the same custom fields for Tasks, CSI Codes, Typical Resources, Groups & Trades that allow you to view, filter, sort and report on a single project or group of projects. These fields can be displayed or hidden as required for your particular viewing. These fields also are the foundation for the custom filters.

Summary View
The summary view displays a structured view that displays the summary tasks in priority by CSI Division # and sorts the subtasks by start date. This is a great view to use when you want an orderly view and see items grouped by Construction Division.

Cascading View
The cascading view filters out all of the summary tasks except for Pre-Construction Requirements and Project Duration. All subtasks are sorted by start date under each of these two summary tasks. This view displays a cascading flow of work by start date which you can easily view tasks sequentially by start date.

Custom Bar Styles & Layout
All bar styles display the start date on the left, the finish date on the right and the task name on the top of the bar. All columns and rows have gridlines to separate tasks and date formats. This allows for easy viewing and navigation.

Monthly & Weekly Cash Flow Reports
The Monthly & Weekly Cash Flow Reports are automatic reports available if you are entering selling costs and using the Schedule Of Values Table. You can get cash flow reports on a single project, multiple or all your projects in a Consolidated ‘Master’ project.

Project Calendar
The default Calendar in the templates is a calendar named Construction. This calendar has all major holidays marked as non-working. You can edit this calendar as needed to suit your particular project or company needs.

Resource Sheet
The custom Resource Sheet allows you to effectively enter, view and report on people, groups and/or equipment.

Option Settings
The Option Settings have been configured to optimize your scheduling and viewing and how Microsoft Project calculates your schedules. All of the settings can be changed to suit your particular scheduling needs and requirements.

Schedule Of Values Table
The Schedule Of Values Table allows you to enter and view the total selling cost for each task item. The current cost and remaining cost is automatically updated by entering the percent complete. This table can be used in preparation for a schedule of values and as a billing mechanism. It can also be used in combination with the Gantt or Tracking view to show a customer or bank a detail of costs to date to back up and/or use for billing purposes.

Master Entry Table
The Master Entry Table allows you to enter, edit and view the custom fields specific to each project all from one table. Using the same fields for entering information for all of your projects – you can view, filter, sort and report on a single project or across all of your projects in a Consolidated ‘Master’ project file.

All of the customizations and settings are completely customizable by you. You can use them as they are customized or edit them to suit your particular needs.

The whole purpose of our templates is to save you time and for you to benefit from schedules that are optimized for scheduling, communication and viewing. They will serve as a foundation to help you control and profit on your construction projects.

Construction Scheduling Templates
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