“Being a busy contractor, I needed a scheduling program that is quick, easy to learn and operate. With Construction Scheduling. com I got all that and more. If you need to get up and running this week and you want a scheduling program that can grow with you and be customized to do things your way, get Construction Scheduling. com. The most important testimonial I want to make is in the excellent service you give in technical support. Your responsiveness to solving the customers questions is, by far, superior to most other software companies. It’s well worth the investment.”

Larry Bridgman
Bridgman Construction, Inc.
Redwood City, CA

“Thanks for building your products. Using MS Project and your construction template files is very straight-forward. Your PDF scheduling manual is right to the point without being academic. Looked at Primivera but Project and your templates were without question, the right choice.”

Glenn Meadows
Royal Design Builders
Hampton, New Hampshire

“Since the 1980’s, I have bought a lot of scheduling programs and investigated even more. I have never found one to satisfy me. For the last few years I suspected that Microsoft Project would do what I needed, but it was so complicated! I have 4 huge books that I have bought over the years which try to explain Project. I was especially interested in trying constructionscheduling.com because it was the first MS Project template I had ever seen set up for the construction industry. Until I came across constructionscheduling.com, I was never able to make Project work correctly for me. When I got it, everything fell into place because all the thinking work was done for me and put into a template. Furthermore, support was complete and response time very fast. After over 15 years of looking and experimenting, I had my schedule up and running within 8 hours. I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have a schedule or is unhappy with their current scheduling program. This one does everything I have ever wanted.”

Kory Avarell
Prestige Mountain Homes

“Asin Homes has been using constructionscheduling.com now for about a year. In that time we have streamlined our scheduling and jobsite information process using the share point website and construction forms to share information between owners, Asin Homes’ employees and our subcontractors. This has drastically improved our build times and has eliminated a lot of costly mistakes that occurred in the past due to poor communication. As a small builder, we are constantly challenged to keep our overhead costs low, and still try to increase our volume, and constructionscheduling.com has helped us do just that. Without it, we would have to hire an additional employee to handle the calls that we used to get. The customer service and technical service from constructionscheduling.com is unsurpassed, and we have had no down time on our share point site. I highly recommend them.”

Kim Olson
Office Manager
Asin Homes LLC
Boise, Idaho

“On behalf of the Mukwonago Area School District and the Mukwonago Rotary Club Foundation, I would like to let you know how much your software program has helped our design and building trades students with their current school-to-work house.

Our school district has formed a business / education partnership with our local Rotary Club’s Foundation with many of it educational objectives falling under the overall goal of designing, building, or remodeling an entire home from start to finish each year. The students in the Architectural Drawing class design the house that is then constructed or remodeled by students in the Building Trades class. Students in the Interior Design classes then work with the interior aspects of the house.

Your software helped us raise the rigor of the classes by enabling the students to better learn about scheduling, project modeling, and resource and cost management. This learning experience will help them as they pursue rewarding careers after high school.

I just wanted to share with you how happy we are with your program, which has helped our students experience “real life” applications.”

Mark Blodgett
Mukwonago Area School District
Mukwonago Rotary Club Foundation
Mukwonago, Wisconsin

“constructionscheduling.com is a valued service provided to B.A. Construction Services, LLC. Proper scheduling in the construction industry is critical to the success of a project. Without hesitation, we highly recommend constructionscheduling.com.”

Chuck Poe
British American Construction Services
Latham, NY

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