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Construction Scheduling Software

Organization. Planning. Control.

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  •  Create Accountability
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Time - if you do not manage it - it controls you.

We all deal with many people, money, pressure, and deadlines in construction. No one is fully aware of the magnitude of the 'Invisible Costs' that we potentially lose due to a lack of adequate planning, accountability, and effective communication. Most people are unorganized and are poor communicators. One missed order, delivery, or delayed delivery can cost many thousands of dollars. The cost of a lack of communication and coordination is immeasurable, and the cost of time is something that you cannot recover.

Your Construction Schedule is your most valuable tool to communicate, motivate, and keep all team members accountable for a construction project.

We are all working too hard! I know because I have lived it intensely for over 40 years. I knew I needed something to control the chaos, and I found Microsoft Project in 1995. I was fascinated by the potential to communicate and manage construction projects; it became my passion and savior. I had developed an insight into a typically confusing and stressful environment that led me to launch back in 2001. It's our 20th anniversary!

I customized Microsoft Project with Construction Scheduling Templates for the Construction Industry with Pre-Formatted Task Lists, Filters, Views, and Settings to schedule quickly and effectively and present schedules in a format that everyone understands and follows. In addition, using the same scheduling structure built into the templates allows you to see information globally across all projects to make intelligent and profitable decisions, like how much work to take on and the ability to adjust your profit margins on future work. You can also make smart employment decisions.

This insight and understanding led me to develop the Quick Schedule Guide, which has evolved into a quick and practical standard for Construction Scheduling. This Guide cuts through a potentially long learning curve and helps establish a 'System' that provides much-needed information unavailable without it.

Very few people and organizations schedule and control construction projects effectively and subsequently experience stress, delays, and increased costs. Effective communication is the key to success in construction and life.

Everyone must have essential tools to make work and life more comfortable. Templates are your framework to help you save time, guide your planning, and serve as a checklist to ensure you use and do not miss any required steps to complete the job efficiently.

We deal with similar tasks, resources, and information across all the projects we deal with in construction. The construction scheduling templates are customized to see and communicate just the information you and your team members want and need to see.

Using effective templates for completing your project schedules will add consistency, save a tremendous amount of time, and serve as a foundation of a system that will provide the potential power to gain insight and the ability to control and increase profits on all your construction projects.

In addition, the outline and format of the Construction Scheduling TemplatesQuick Schedule Guide V3, and Quick Schedule Guide Addon Support can serve as practical training for a novice or experienced scheduler and is invaluable because most people do not schedule construction projects effectively.

With increased communication, you can control your construction projects' 'Invisible Costs' with organization, planning, and control. The same principles apply to all sizes and types of projects.

Let your construction schedules help control your projects and take care of the hard work for you.

 - Steve Matzen
Construction Scheduling Software


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