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Consolidated Projects Construction Scheduling Template

You need to have Microsoft Project installed on your PC to use the Template Files.
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Consolidated Projects Construction Scheduling Template

Consolidated Projects Template

This template is an Empty Master Project File to insert your projects into so you can Filter, View, and Report for information across any combination or all of your construction projects - Very Powerful!. This file has all the same customizations for fields, filters, and views as all template files have.
See the following for samples included with this template:
Price: $9.99

Add the Quick Schedule Guide

Save Time & Use All of the Features in the Construction Scheduling Templates

Quick Schedule Guide V3

The Quick Schedule Guide V3 is a companion Guide to our Construction Scheduling Templates to allow you to schedule quickly and effectively and use all of the features in the templates. The Quick Schedule Guide V3 is an Online Guide and comes with Lifetime Access on our site from the 'My Account' page. The Quick Guide is always current. When the Guide is updated or new features added, you will always have the current version. Some great benefits of the Online Version are quick to search and easy navigation. You can also split your PC window screen, pin Microsoft Project on one side, and pin the Quick Guide on the other split window that provides direct access to the Guide while scheduling on the same screen. NOTE: This option does not include support.
Price: $99.00

Quick Schedule Guide V3 & Lifetime Support

The Quick Schedule Guide V3 & Lifetime Support includes everything listed above PLUS LIFETIME SUPPORT that allows you to submit support tickets right from the top navigation 'Submit a Support Ticket' link on the same screen. This option is invaluable - you can split your screen with Microsoft Project on one side of the split window and the Quick Guide on the other and submit support tickets directly while scheduling and using the Quick Guide. You can also attach scheduling or other files and screenshots with your Support Ticket. Our support is fast and complete.
Price: $299.00
Click Here if you already have the Quick Schedule Guide V3 & want to add the Unlimited Lifetime Support Addon.


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