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Save Money & Control Your Construction Projects

Who Are We

We are experienced in Construction and are very technical. We develop & provide solutions for our industry

Our Mission

To empower you with our experience & insight to use everyday Microsoft programs for successful Construction

What We Do

We provide Templates, Guides and Support to help you Save Money and control your Construction Projects

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BuildForLess.com is designed for Contractors and Professionals and utilizes Microsoft Office Applications – Excel, Word, Outlook and PDF (as well as other common software programs) to help you Bid, Buyout, Negotiate, Control and Profit on your Construction Projects.


Build4Less.com is designed for Homeowners and Do It Yourselfers and utilizes Microsoft Office Apps – Excel, Word, Outlook and PDF (and other common software programs) to help you Bid, Buyout, Negotiate, Control and Profit on your Construction Projects.

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constructionscheduling.com utilizes Microsoft Project Scheduling Templates, Methods & Systems to help promote communication, accountability, and provide a simple & effective process for Scheduling and Controlling every type of Construction Project.

Why choose us?

We have over 40 years of construction experience at every level with over a billion dollars of successful Design Build and Bid Specification projects for Residential, Commercial & Industrial individual and development projects of every size. We have extensive Project Development, Bidding, Buyouts, Negotiating, Management and Construction Scheduling experience.

We are very technical with a passion for technology and developing new, faster and better ways of integrating the available technologies into successful construction management, project control and cost savings.

We pride ourselves in Fast Support and Communication. With our Support Ticketing system as a part of the Support Subscription you have direct access to our support staff and you will be able to keep track of all support requests and communication.

Saving Time & Money is the foundation of everything that we develop. In these fast paced times we need to leverage the experience, technologies and tools available to save time and increase profits.

Systems and Control are the foundation of our products and support. Using and leveraging the tangible and intangible resources available to us increases the ability to automate and profit on a normally confusing process without being people dependent.

We understand and know the problems and challenges that everyone faces in construction – we lived them at a very intense level. The problems are the foundation of the development of our products and support services. 

We are always researching and developing new clear and concise ways to improve construction processes, communication, systems and control with everyday software applications and to bring them to our industry. 

Our goal is to provide you with clear and simple methods, systems and control so you can make as much money as possible with the least amount of effort and to enjoy your life more.

Our History

Steve Matzen is the founder, developer, trainer and leads all support for our family of websites. Steve has been involved in all levels of construction for over 40 years, completed over a billion dollars of construction and has worked in the capacity of Project Developer, General Contractor, Construction Manager, Master Scheduler & Consultant with management over a team of project managers, subcontractors and over 150 field employees for self performed work while running over 50 projects at a time.

Steve has also had the unique experience of working directly with Architects, Engineers, Owners, Management, Superintendents, Foreman & Field Workers simultaneously and at all levels while performing all the managerial, technical, developmental, buyouts and scheduling responsibilities in order to successfully complete a high volume of construction projects.

Steve originally started constructionscheduling.com in 2001. He has written several manuals, guides and publications to include a published book on Construction Scheduling. The Quick Schedule Guide and the Scheduling Templates have been used throughout the construction industry and have been used in colleges and school classrooms for training.

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