About Us

My name is Stephen Matzen – owner, developer and trainer of our family of websites. I have been active in construction for over 35 years and involved with over 1 billion dollars of construction.

I believe in the ability to successfully organize, plan and control construction projects so much that I have devoted all of my efforts on showing others how to do the same.

It is also my goal that each person and company that uses our products, support & training services will gain the benefits and profits that we all crave.

Most people use software on a very limited basis and do not realize the potential to effectively organize, communicate, execute and control their construction projects.

You can use everyday Microsoft Office and related software programs that can be used with power and for success. Through the use of templates, techniques and universal systems – you can gain insight, control and higher profits in a normally confusing process.

My experience and insight led to the development of the systems that are packaged into our family of websites. These systems and techniques can be used for single projects or as a global system across all of your projects. Using the same structure of organization, planning, communication and control for your projects – you too can gain invaluable information, systems and control tools that are not available without it.

Our family of websites will help put you in control of your construction projects. The basis of our products and services is to bring success & profits to your business. Our goal is to share our experiences and deliver simple and effective construction management systems and techniques that will save you time and money.

BuildWare.net is the parent site to BuildForLess.com & ConstructionScheduling.com.

BuildForLess.com utilizes Microsoft Office applications Excel, Outlook and Word (as well as other common software programs) to help you Bid, Buyout, Control and Profit on your Construction Projects.

ConstructionScheduling.com utilizes Microsoft Project to help you Effectively Schedule, Manage & Control your Construction Projects.

I first founded ConstructionScheduling.com in 2001. I have written several books and training manuals on Construction Scheduling and Project Control to include the Master Scheduling Manual, Quick Schedule Guide and Easy Scheduling published by BNI Publishing. The scheduling templates & systems developed have been used in construction worldwide and in college classrooms.

I have had all of the same challenges and problems that you are dealing with, although I had a unique experience of having many responsibilities at the same time: general management, head of project management & development, project manager and master scheduler all at the same time.

Our company was a fast track general contractor – design builder that completed up to 55 million dollars per year of construction in all types and sizes of projects while maintaining a self-performing workforce of over 150 field workers for various trades. We had a team of project managers and ran an average of 30-40 projects simultaneously. I had to, out of my own necessity, develop ways to successfully organize, plan and control these projects with the least amount of effort – hence the foundation of these websites were born.

The core principles of our mission are to help you:

Turn your challenges into profits

Give you a competitive advantage

Save and create time with a system of control

Unleash the power of Microsoft Office & Related Software

Provide simple and practical techniques & systems with proven results

Gain lifetime value that will help you enjoy more life

While we all may have different needs and requirements of our organization and projects, our goals are the same;

‘to increase profits with the least amount of effort’

If it is not simple, it is not any good!

The ability to save money on your projects is more than you are aware of.

I invite you to explore and use our Products, Support & Training Services and keep us involved with your Construction Projects – we want to be your resource to help you successfully control your projects so that you can enjoy higher profits, satisfied customers, free time & more life.

Best Success,

Stephen C. Matzen