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Construction Schedule Templates: Pre-Construction Scheduling

Pre-Construction scheduling is the foundation of a successful project. It is the focus and attention at this phase that determines the success of a project.

Pre-Construction scheduling establishes the plan, sets the expectancy for the project and keeps everyone whom is a part of the Pre-Construction phase accountable. This phase is scheduled separately but linked directly to the actual construction schedule.

A project begins when you have a commitment to proceed on a project. A schedule needs to be initiated and structured from this point to determine all of the steps, milestones and activities required to get the project ready for construction. Typically, the Pre-Construction phase is not scheduled and managed at the level required (if at all) to manage all of the tasks required to coordinate all of the activities, phases and time frames in order to set a project up for success.

Many times, schedules are prepared for and just prior to the actual construction phase. If the Pre-Construction process is not managed properly, the project may be set up for failure and you will not know it until you experience all the problems and delays that result from the lack of organization and planning.

All our Construction Scheduling Templates and files include two major phases:


Pre-Construction Scheduling consists of scheduling and management of:

  • Key milestones and approvals
  • Lead time ordering
  • Owners
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Draftsmen
  • Project Managers
  • Yourself
  • Anyone, Anything or Any Event that is a part of the Pre-Construction process

Most projects are destined for failure when the project actually goes to construction. This is because there is usually insufficient planning, scheduling and communication during the Pre-Construction phase.

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