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The Construction Scheduling Mindset

January 19, 2023

Controlling time is one of the most challenging tasks that one undertakes, not only in a schedule but in life. This challenge requires the Make It Happen attitude, and it is this attitude that creates the performance and outcome of any goal or project. Your schedule is your most valuable communication tool to control time with the least amount of effort.

What Is The Construction Scheduling Mindset?

The Scheduling Mindset is the most critical part in originating and maintaining a schedule. It is the realization that you can control the project with effective scheduling and the essential attention to maintain a construction schedule. It would be best to establish this Scheduling Mindset with the leaders and team members running the project.

The first step in controlling time is understanding and establishing the project's goals and the intermediate steps required to meet those goals. Task management is directly affected by the time constraints placed on a project and its effort to communicate its expectations. This picture of expectations (Your Schedule) is required to have everyone on the same page, adhere to, and follow. Without an effective construction schedule, projects will experience delays and failure.

The method, attitude, and goals of a project presented to the team members set the tone and expectations of the project. This expectation sets up accountability that measures performance and forces people to act. Without responsibility or established expectations, things happen in their own time when it is convenient to the individual schedules of the participants of a project. 

You should distribute and communicate performance expectations to all team members. Your expectations will determine the success of a project.

If the leaders of the project do not force this attitude, the project will run them.

Generally, the final version of the schedule going to construction should be an attachment to all contracts and a procedure for communicating and documenting any changes as the project progresses. If the construction schedule is linked financially to their performance, you will see increased attention and accountability.

Effective construction scheduling is critical in running a successful construction project. You cannot make proper and intelligent decisions without the right tools and information. Most importantly, it is the attitude of expectation and accountability that will automate the power of the schedule to run the project.

NOTE: If the schedule is driving the project (which it must), you are required to keep it up to date, communicate the changes and convey the updated expectations to everyone involved. 

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