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The 'By-Product' of our Scheduling Support is over 40 Years of Construction Experience - it's a System!

Lifetime Support Addon for the Quick Schedule Guide V3

We are all here to help each other, and we all need help. The key to success is to leverage the available resources to quicken our experience and knowledge. 

We are very experienced in construction and are good communicators. Our history is Construction Scheduling and Management of just about every construction project type at a very high volume. Whether you are a scheduler with a lot of experience or a novice, we can help you quickly learn how to schedule your construction projects effectively. There is always a better and easier way to get things done. 

The key to success in business and life is good communication, and most people are unorganized and are poor communicators. Your Construction Schedule is your best tool to help communicate and control a typically confusing process. It has to be clear and straightforward for others to understand and follow it. You also have to present your schedules the way others view them and not just you.

The Quick Schedule Guide V3 is a 'System' built from a lifetime of experience with a step-by-step process to help you schedule quickly and produce construction schedules that are useful and keep others accountable. The Quick Schedule V3 SUPPORT OPTION provides you with direct access to our Support while using the Quick Guide and Scheduling. You can submit support tickets right from the top navigation 'Submit a Support Ticket' link on the same screen.

This Support Option is invaluable! - you can split your screen with Microsoft Project on one side of the split window and the Quick Guide on the other and submit support tickets directly while scheduling and using the Quick Guide. You can also attach scheduling or other files and screenshots with your Support Ticket. Our Support is fast and complete.

Ticketing Email Support is very effective. It helps teach you to be articulate in communicating your questions. This trains you to become a great communicator! As most people are not detailed and good communicators, effective communication is a prerequisite of effective construction scheduling.

Our Construction Scheduling Support and includes extensive Construction Experience and insight into every foreseeable problem. The cost for the Unlimited Lifetime Support Addon for the Quick Schedule Guide V3 is a One-Time Fee of $200.00. Our typical direct consulting rate is $150.00/Hour. Considering spending $200.00 Total for Unlimited Lifetime Support is pretty good :-)!!

If you have the Quick Schedule Guide V3 without Support - add the Quick Schedule Guide 'SUPPORT OPTION' TODAY & SAVE YOUR VALUABLE TIME!

You need to have already purchased the Quick Schedule Guide V3 and Logged In to purchase the Support Addon.

Remote Support

If necessary, you can schedule Remote Support with our online calendar so we can connect remotely via screen sharing to answer and resolve any questions and issues that you may have.


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