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Quick Schedule Guide

* Included with All Template Package #2 Options
Companion to our Scheduling Templates
Online Guide with Lifetime Access
Use All the Features in the Templates
Schedule Quickly & Effectively
Use Microsoft Project Effectively
Serves as Training
Price: $99.00

Quick Schedule Guide w/Support

* Included with the Complete Templates Bundle
Companion to our Scheduling Templates
Online Guide with Lifetime Access
Use All the Features in the Templates
Schedule Quickly & Effectively
Use Microsoft Project Effectively
Serves as Training
Includes Lifetime Email Support
Price: $299.00
Use the power of Microsoft Project quickly and effectively to schedule and control your Construction Projects with the Quick Schedule Guide – Version 3. This online interactive scheduling guide serves as a companion guide to all our Construction Scheduling Templates. The Quick Schedule Guide V3 is compatible with all PCs, Tablets & Smartphones and is available online in multiple languages.

The Quick Schedule Guide (Version 3) is designed as a Visual-Step-By-Step Guide to unlock the outline, procedures, and optimizations that we have built into the Scheduling Templates. This Guide will give you instant learning, training, reference, and reinforcement to help guide you through the entire scheduling process.
You will be able to schedule any project of any size, create your specific templates, combine construction project files into a master project file and communicate them effectively by any method that suits your needs. You will most of all create a system that will promote accountability and communication and enable automation in your business, leading to greater control and increased profits.

The Quick Schedule Guide V3 is designed and will work with all current versions Microsoft Project. If you are using Microsoft Project 2007 or earlier, the ribbon or menu may differ slightly between versions, but the procedures are the same for all Microsoft Project versions.

Quick Schedule Guide Benefits:

  • Control Time & Increase Profits.
  • Use the power of Microsoft Project.
  • Quickly schedule your projects with our Construction Scheduling Templates.
  • Update your Construction Schedules Quickly.
  • Schedule any project of any size at the level of detail you need.
  • Use our custom features optimized in our Construction Scheduling Templates.
  • Use Construction Schedules structured for the Construction Industry – Benefit from our experience!
  • Create a foundation for scheduling all your projects.

Quick Schedule Guide Features:

  • Instant learning and reference while you are working with our Construction Scheduling Templates.
  • Use the available templates with our predefined filters, views, and reports, or use the task list to save input time.
  • Maximize and use the features that are customized and optimized into our Scheduling Templates.
  • Complete flexibility to customize the Construction Scheduling Templates and Systems to your particular needs
  • Use CSI Task & Division Coding from the Construction Specification Institute or create your own.
  • Quick reference for scheduling methods and insights on scheduling
  • Create a system to serve as the foundation of all of your construction scheduling.
  • Customize Microsoft Project and use the power of filters and views.
  • Share files and save input time with others using the same scheduling structure, i.e., coding, filters, and views.
  • Learn ways to communicate your construction schedules.

The Quick Schedule Guide is outlined in the following sections:

Scheduling Basics
The Scheduling Basics section gives a brief outline and instruction on the basic scheduling methods included with our systems. In Microsoft Project, there are many ways of entering information. For simplicity, we use specific techniques, but you can also use the other methods available in Microsoft Project. If you are an experienced user, you can skip the basic entering information, but you should familiarize yourself with the basic techniques that we are using. If you are new to Microsoft Project, you can use this section for understanding entering and viewing information.

Pre-Construction Scheduling
The Pre-Construction process is the most critical part of structuring a successful project. Typically, there is too little attention during the Pre-Construction phase. The Pre-Construction phase and process directly affect the outcome of a project. The organization and communication at the Pre-Construction phase are critical to the project’s success. This section serves as a brief emphasis on the importance of Pre-Construction Scheduling.

Scheduling Checklist
The Scheduling Checklist is an outline of all the steps required to create your project schedules. You can print the checklist out and use it to remind the scheduling steps and information needed to complete the scheduling process. Your construction schedules must be structured the same way to benefit from viewing information across several projects. The checklist provides quick links to each section referenced.

Part 1: Organization
The Organization process is the foundation of successful scheduling, communication, and reporting. Each project is unique in its nature and requirements. This section will guide you in structuring and organizing the layout of your schedules.

Part 2: Planning
The Planning process involves estimating task durations and developing a working copy of your schedule. The Planning phase requires that you communicate with the project team members to ensure that you have accurate information. Communication is the key to preparing a realistic and successful project schedule.

Part 3: Control
The Control Phase is maintaining the project communication, constantly updating and distributing the schedule via email, internet, or physically in a manner that is understood and used by other team members. With adequate control, you will have the opportunity to foresee conflicts and problems so you can act instead of reacting after they happen.

Part 4: Consolidated Projects
Consolidating your active projects into a master project gives you unlimited flexibility to communicate multi-project information, view workloads, create reports, and make intelligent business planning decisions across all your projects. This section will provide you the tools needed to use and create the necessary views and filters to use and or report to anyone who needs to see them.

All customizations’ in the scheduling templates are in the reference section at the end of the Guide. You can refer to these sections for details on how each scheduling phase is structured so that you can use, modify or recreate the original template settings.

All Scheduling Templates and Files are coded with the same custom filters, views, and reports to provide information for individual projects or across all your projects.

The Quick Schedule Guide V3 has been kept concise and toward a specific objective – scheduling systems that lead to successful projects in the construction industry. You will Save Time in learning and construction scheduling and gain a system to serve as a basis for scheduling individual construction projects and a global system of communication and planning across all your projects.

Scheduling is not just for the scheduler – it is for everyone involved with the project! Construction Scheduling must be formatted, shown, and distributed in an easy-to-read and understandable format. Our goal is to get the job done with as little effort as possible.


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