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Here are some helpful template downloads for your use. Please check back often as we will keep adding them.

Schedule Update Form

Communication is everything! All construction schedule updates should be sent out with a form or email with something like the following to keep everyone accountable. The first Word document is a template for you to modify for your use.

The following is a PDF version of the Schedule Update Form that has fill in fields and an embedded button to ‘Send Via Email’ which launches an email program to reply back to the sender.

Scheduling Reporting Procedure

If you are doing schedule updates from information from others or if you have any centralized scheduling, the following template can be modified for your situation and needs.

Schedule Compliance

All schedules going to construction should be an attachment to your contracts. This enforces the importance of the schedule and keeps team members liable and accountable. Using something like the following template and sending regular schedule updates with a Schedule Update Form, you will see increased communication and attention.

Schedule Disclaimer

All Schedules & Schedule Updates sent to Owners, Banks, Stakeholders, etc. should have a statement similar to the following template to limit your liability and eliminate any false expectations. Your schedule disclaimer should be saved to a PDF and attached as the first page of your schedule you send to any  stakeholders.

AIA G702 & G703 Billing Forms

The following Excel Template can be used for your billing and payment requisitions. The fields will automatically calculate.

CSI Numbers & Titles

The following PDF is the listing of Divisions and Codes used in the 2018 CSI Master Format.

The following PDF is the listing of Divsions 1-16 and Codes from the 1995 CSI Master Format.

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AIA G702 & G703

Schedule Disclaimer

Schedule Compliance

Schedule Reporting Procedure

Schedule Update Form

Schedule Update Form

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