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Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a leading, if not the top, construction scheduling software in the construction industry. Other construction scheduling software options are not easy to learn, customize, view, and share information. Above all, you can gain insight to effectively schedule, manage, and control all of your construction projects.

Microsoft is the world leader in software development and has committed to providing the most powerful software programs and is continuously updating and providing the most useful software programs for us to use. There is no other software developer with the resources to develop, update, and provide the most current, efficient, and user-friendly interface.

Microsoft Project is like many other windows programs that we are familiar with and use every day. It lends itself to easy customization and effectively sharing information and communicating via email, the Internet, and other Microsoft Office Programs. 

Microsoft Project is a great and powerful program, but it is a shell software (similar to Microsoft Excel). We have customized Microsoft Project with Pre-Formatted Task Lists, Filters, Views, and Settings to allow you to schedule quickly and efficiently without experience and a long learning curve.

Your schedules are not made just for the scheduler, management, owners, and banks. Most importantly, construction schedules are made for all team members to control time, communicate effectively, create accountability, get the job done, minimize liability, and increase profits. Our Construction Scheduling Templates, Quick Schedule Guide & Support give you all the tools needed to schedule and control your construction projects quickly and effectively using Microsoft Project.

We do not provide Microsoft Project. Our goal is to empower you with Microsoft Project Construction Scheduling Templates, Guides, Support, and Our Experience to schedule successfully, manage, control, communicate, and profit on all your construction projects.

Suppose you do not have Microsoft Project installed on your computer. In that case, you can purchase any version of Microsoft Project from Version 2000 to Version 2019, or you can download a Free 30 Day Trial from Microsoft for the current version of Microsoft Project.

Microsoft has a great option to use Project Online Professional for currently $30.00 per user / per month – Project Management in the cloud through a desktop client and web browser. This option includes;

  • $30.00 per user / per month
  • Fully installed, up-to-date Microsoft Project desktop application
  • One license covers up to 5 PCs per user
  • Team members can update tasks from any device
  • Access anywhere
  • Much more

10 Benefits of Using Microsoft Project

  1. User-friendly and has the common interface as other Microsoft Office Programs
  2. Easily share information between Excel, Outlook, Word & other Programs
  3. Simple enough for the beginner and robust enough for the advanced scheduler
  4. Easy customization for integration for your particular needs & requirements
  5. Easy and Effective communication via email and the internet
  6. Filter and View for any information required
  7. Automation for scheduling, recording, tracking & reporting data for any project
  8. Microsoft Project is specified and recognized as a leading scheduling software
  9. Designed by Microsoft – the leading software developer in the world
  10. Regular software upgrades providing state of the art technology

10 Myths of Scheduling & Using Microsoft Project

  • Myth-1. Microsoft Project is complex and hard to learn
  • Myth-2. It takes too much time to schedule
  • Myth-3. Scheduling does not work and cannot control a project
  • Myth-4. It takes a lot of effort and time to updated schedules
  • Myth-5. Schedules are just for show and presentations to owners
  • Myth-6. Schedules are for the scheduler and management
  • Myth-7. Schedules are hard to read and understand
  • Myth-8. Effective scheduling requires a lot of experience
  • Myth-9. Scheduling doesn’t help control my profits
  • Myth-10. Microsoft Project is too expensive
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