Large File Sharing

LogMeIn Pro has a File Sharing component that is included with their remote computer solution.

You can easily and securely share large files (i.e. digital plans, etc.) without sending several or large email attachments, using FTP or relying on portable drives.

Simply send colleagues, clients and others an auto-generated link to the file, from which they can securely download the file right from your computer.

When you share a secure file you can specify how many downloads and the share file time limit. Best of all, there is no file share size limit – great for digital drawings.

With LogMeIn Pro you also have a File Transfer component. Always have access to the files you need, right at your fingertips. You can Easily and securely transfer large files between computers using drag and drop (for Windows only) file transfer, file manager or folder sync.

The cost of the Logmein Pro is approximately $70.00 per year – Invaluable!

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