Scheduling Systems

Scheduling in itself is very powerful and can provide all of the power needed to run and control your business, but if it is not integrated into a useful system that everyone uses and follows, the potential power will be lost.

Our Construction Scheduling Templates & Systems are designed to save you time and money and to empower you with the tools needed to control your projects of any quantity, size and at any level while offering insight and the information needed to run, succeed and profit in your business.

Microsoft Project is a shell software product that has a lot of power and many features that most people are not aware of. We have used and integrated our experience in managing construction projects, communication and scheduling to deliver customized construction scheduling systems and solutions using:

Pre-formatted task lists

Pre-formatted task coding from the Construction Specifications Institute

Custom views, filters and reports that are designed specifically for the construction industry.

We have provided scheduling templates that have all of the customizations and features built into them so that you can use them immediately.  In addition, we provide Support & Training through our member’s site which will help you quickly learn and take advantage of the custom features provided and put you in control of a normally confusing process.

The templates and systems we provide can be used as is or as a foundation for your customization as required to suit your specific needs.  Whether you are a general contractor, construction manager, national contractor with many locations and employees, subcontractor or other related trade you can use the templates at any level desired.

We are all dealing with the same problems and similar tasks but at different levels.

Dicover the Benefits of Using an Effective Scheduling System:

Use preformatted templates at any level that suits your needs and for any number and size of projects

Present schedules that are understandable and usable for all trades and team members

Keep everyone accountable to the a system that works automatically

Create a global system of project reporting and information across all projects

Use the Consolidated (Master) Project file and systems to track, view, filter and report for any information across all projects

Use pre-defined CSI coding to serve as a foundation and structure for your task items

Use CSI coding that the industry uses and is familiar with

Use pre-construction checklists built into the scheduling templates in order to control the tasks required to get your projects project ready for construction

Use pre-defined filters to narrow down view information for specific periods of time, specific trades, people, resources, equipment and/or work type

Share and integrate project information with others using the same system without additional input

Use the custom Schedule of Values table to serve as a billing and reporting mechanism

Use the custom Construction Calendar with all of the major holidays marked as non-working

Use the custom Cascading or Summary views to present easy viewing and navigation of the schedules

Track people, groups and equipment

Sort information for anything while maintaining the desired structure of the schedule

Use the custom Monthly or Weekly Cash Flow Reports

Use the tracking table and views to keep people accountable

Filter for subcontract work or any item that you define

Create an expectation of everyone using and viewing your schedule information

Control material deliveries

The greatest benefit of using our templates and systems is to save you time and to give you the tools to establish a communication and reporting system that delivers control with increase accountability from all team members.

Construction Scheduling Templates
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