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Microsoft Project & Construction Scheduling Templates

April 15, 2022

When it comes to scheduling software in the construction industry, there are many programs to choose from. However, Microsoft Project is one of the best construction scheduling software options available. Microsoft Project gives project managers and construction professionals the right mix of usable, powerful, and flexible tools needed to manage construction projects more efficiently and effectively. Many in the industry agree that using Microsoft Project scheduling software has streamlined scheduling and project management.

The Benefits of Using MS Project in the Construction Industry

Microsoft Project is one of the leading, if not the top, construction project scheduling software available. This article will review some of the ways it can make workdays, scheduling, and managing projects more manageable and more productive.

Easy-to-Use Scheduling Templates

Not every construction project is the same, and most projects vastly differ in some way. However, most construction projects contain similar components. Taking the time to customize a few basic project scheduling templates will reduce the time needed to set up the fundamentals over and over again. When you have multiple templates to work with, you will direct your focus on specific project types, saving a lot of time. Our Microsoft Project Construction Scheduling Templates are practical and easy to use. They will help you organize, plan, control, and centralize the scheduling process to make your job easier and make your projects more profitable.

Fast Project Timeline Scheduling

Effective project scheduling is a need in the construction industry. With a project management tool, like Microsoft Project, you can quickly create accurate schedules and forecasts. With MS Project’s built-in scheduling capabilities, it is easy to include construction scheduling variables based on parameters related to the project schedule — something some other scheduling software for construction lacks.


Typically, construction projects will involve various software programs used by team members both within and outside your business. Microsoft Project integrates horizontally and vertically with other technology to enable hassle-free sharing between programs, like Excel, Outlook, Word, and more!

Enhanced Communication

Communication is the critical aspect of every construction project, especially one on a larger scale. A construction project manager’s role will include scheduling regular project status updates, enabling them to track everyone’s progress effectively. They can then send directly to the subcontractors, suppliers, clients, investors, and stakeholders. An advantage of Microsoft Project is that it allows for easy and effective external communication through email and the internet, allowing ongoing communication off- and on-site. Establishing effective and consistent communication is vital to the success of a project, especially in such a pressure environment as that of a construction project.

These are just a few of the many benefits of using Microsoft Project for construction scheduling. MS Project gives construction project managers full access and control over every aspect of the project plans, from determining which projects are behind schedule, adjusting the project durations, assigning new tasks, holding team members accountable, and creating progress reports. Consider the adverse possibilities of not implementing professional construction management, whether it is a lack of communication, ineffectively estimating project timelines, or missing targets, Microsoft Project is undoubtedly a tool that can make construction scheduling and management more successful. It will also help maximize the profit potential of your projects.

Despite all of the benefits that Microsoft Project has for scheduling, it only has potential power like all software. If you want to make construction scheduling more straightforward and practical, we will help you save time and money, create schedules quickly, schedule projects of any size, and more! All our scheduling templates are Microsoft Project Template Files. We have construction scheduling templates for every type of construction project. We also have a Construction Scheduling Guide and Support Options to help minimize your efforts.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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